I am a UX researcher and Human Centred Design specialist from Vancouver, Canada. I have over a decade of experience in various fields of design namely industrial, visual and iOS specific interactions. As a systems obsessed Information Architect and Researcher I have been able to build brands and engage consumers creating holistic experiences.

I received my bachelors degree from University of Alberta in Industrial Design, and a Masters of Design from Emily Carr University. My thesis research focused on Human Computer Interactions specifically in healthcare and medical recording platforms. The thesis project was recognized and adopted by various long-term care facilities in British Columbian, Canada. I’ve taught a variety of workshops on Design Process and acted as a mentor for tech start-ups in California, Seattle and Vancouver.

“As a UX consultant, user experience researcher and design thinker Sogol focuses on connecting people to products through design thinking and innovation.” Tokoyaka Canada 

View Masters Thesis trailer  iCare: Providing Patient Advocates with an Integrated Supportive Mobile System

*For more information on R &D and Investment opportunities please contact  icare@sogol.ca

** Portfolio available upon request

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